Inclusiveness Walks Aside Passions and Strategies

Inclusiveness Walks Aside Passions and Strategies

Micro Finance and Freights for Developing Regions & Countries

Make smart cities innovate further

With IoT super edge computing via distributed

end-point cloud solutions

Catch all the moment with full senses

Via tons of distributed resources on the edge

Growth Hikes On UX / UI, Intelligent Designs

Designing and Embedding UX /UI

Savvy Insights Come After Research In Depth

Global Research and Investigation

Nab Any Resources You Want, In Easiest and Fastest Ways

Cloudization and Open Platform for Industrial Leaders


What We Do

Micro Finance

Micro-finance will pave the way for inclusive economies and mitigate income inequality between developed and developing countries, as well as between immigrants and native residents in a certain county.


Extremely elegant UX/UI with background sheets supported by mapping technologies brings your business competitiveness at higher stages. Even though elegant designs are portrayed, technological backbone which underpins high performed UX/UI needs to be solid.

Research & Media

By understanding the ever-changing world in the 21st century, we uncover savvy insights through in-depth analysis of topics including  macro-market, micro-marketing, and recent technologies.

Internet of Things

The next wave in the era of computing will be outside the realm of traditional desktop. In the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm, almost all objects surrounded us will be on the network. In this paradigm shift, our experts has some solutions and help client’s business by our own knowledge and skill.

Cloud Services

LATONA’s Cloud Cores allow you to work more efficiently and equip the strongest tools for surviving in competitive societies. Full stack cloudization can eliminate tedious labors and improve customer satisfactions.


Fragmented AIs which are individually developed and trained at the center of the cloud are orchestrated at the front-edge computing stacks with the controlling devices embedded  by Nvidia, ARM and Machine Learning technologies.

Five Spheres. One Mission.

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About us

Kyoko Otawa

Kyoko Otawa

CEO, Co-Founder
Asuka Mizuguchi

Asuka Mizuguchi

COO, Co-Founder, President of MicroFinance
Satoshi Takahashi

Satoshi Takahashi

EO, Co-Founder, Strategist, Architect
Kuniyasu Hyoe

Kuniyasu Hyoe

Manager, Co-Founder
Harshan Narayanan

Harshan Narayanan

Eng, Hestia div. President
Sébastien Dan

Sébastien Dan

Lead Full Stack Engineer, MicroFinance div. Vice-President
Antoine Sauvage

Antoine Sauvage

IoT Architect Manager, IoT div. Vice-President
Abhishek Deo

Abhishek Deo

API Specialist, Hestia div. Vice President

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