Latona Microfinance for Developing Regions and Nations

Dedicated to Agroeconomic Growth and Financial Inclusions

Micro-finance helps pave the way for inclusive economies and mitigate income inequality between developed and developing countries; As well as between immigrants and native residents in various regions. Countries which have underperforming world or regional average GDP per capita statistics have been introducing micro-finance and social infrastructure apps; Aiming to innovate technologies and simultaneously realizing inclusive economies.

Business Model

Our Target Audience

Latona leases equipments to farmers to farmers who are unable to purchase their own at an affordable price. We lease to farmers that have the potential to boost production given the right equipment such as tractors, balers, planters, sprayers, etc. to meet market demand. The equipments are offered by “Originators” who supply equipment to Latona from where were we then match the equipment to farmers “Borrowers” as a need-to-need basis.