Micro Finance

Latona for Developing Regions and Nations


Dedicated to Agroeconomic Ongoing Growth and Financial Inclusions

Micro-finance will pave the way for inclusive economies and mitigate income inequality between developed and developing countries, as well as between immigrants and native residents in a certain county. Therefore, countries which had underperformed world or regional average GDP per capita have been introducing micro-finance and social infrastructure, aiming at innovating technologies and realizing inclusive economies simultaneously.


Business Model



What Latona Caters

Latona leases equipments for farmers in emerging markets which they cannot purchase by their own financial ability but have potentials to boost productions and demand equipments such as Tractors, Smartphones, Irrigation Systems, Solar Panels and so on. The equipments are offered by Orginators who have used equips and our platform can easily match  Smallholders(Borrowers) in developing nations and Lenders in advanced economies.