Careers at Latona are now widely opened! 

IoT Engineer

Developing  IoT, Linux based systems utilising AWS Greengrass and Cisco Kinetic (or equivalent)

API Specialist

Developing  any of APIs or API stacks ; IoT, UX / UI, authentication, data streaming, data analytics, AI / ML, VR / AR / MR, Micro Finance / HR Tech Apps


Designing and developing world leading, modernized architecture, aligning all the technological facets with visionary concepts and business strategies

OpenStack Specialist

Lead OpenStack engineering team to establish distributed data stacks, API stacks and any other resources which are critically utilized at edge computing or IoT edge nodes

MS Azure Specialist

Maximize the performance and scalability with Microsoft Azure for innovating and modernizing Latona’s clients’ business, utilizing and combining core tech capabilities , facets and functions of the Azure

AWS Specialist

Lead AWS Engineering team, focusing on AWS technologies driven and AWS services-oriented businesses, in order to serve solutions or products to B2B clients and Latona’s platform such as microfinance.

Business Analyst

Lead a project or a team in the project as a business development or business analysis chief, directing clients towards further profitability / competitiveness and continuous growth

Google Cloud Specialist

Coordinate and communicate with Latona’s Engineering team to develop and execute solutions for Latona’s  microfinance and IoT core with GCP products and surrounding.

Open Position

Network Specialist

Establish the most innovative abstracted network protocol stacks on the planet, for Latona’s edge computing solutions to enable high-speed off-the-cloud M2M communications.

Fundraising / Partnering Manager

Continuously and passionately boost and moderate Latona’s corporate / business value by arranging / establishing funding rounds and business partnerships.